The Best Women’s Heated Apparel | Heated Core

Stay Warm with the Heated Core Collection of Heated Apparel

As the cold weather approaches, staying warm becomes a top priority for outdoor
enthusiasts and urban adventurers alike. Fortunately, advancements in heated clothing technology have revolutionized how we combat chilly temperatures. Introducing the best women’s heated apparel from the Heated Core Collection—a trusted name synonymous with quality, innovation, and unbeatable warmth.

Unmatched Heating Technology

Crafted with cutting-edge heating technology, Heated Core’s heated vests, long-sleeve shirts, and pants ensure you stay toasty even in the coldest conditions. Unlike bulky outerwear, the Heated Core’s athletic-fit cut ensures that every ounce of warmth generated stays where it is needed most: directly to your skin. Providing unparalleled insulation against the cold, this collection redefines warmth. Its seamless design provides maximum comfort and base layer options without compromising mobility.

This base layer collection is embedded with undetectable carbon fiber heating elements strategically placed across heating zones, including the upper back, kidneys, and chest in the vest and long-sleeve shirt and the lower back and thighs in the pants. With multiple heat settings and three distinct temperature controls, you have complete control over your comfort level. Designed for all outdoor activities, you can tailor the heat levels to suit your needs, all while maintaining freedom of movement and minimizing bulk.

Extended Battery Life

When you choose the Heated Core’s heated apparel, you’re not just getting superior warmth—you’re also getting peace of mind. Never worry about running out of power during your outdoor adventure. The Heated Core heated apparel lineup comes with a rechargeable 7.4V Lithium-ion battery pack and wall charger, guaranteeing hours of continuous warmth on just one charge. Experience approximately 6 hours of battery performance at the low heat setting, providing a toasty 10 degrees of heat, allowing you to revel in the outdoors worry-free. The USB output on the battery pack can be used to charge your mobile devices. Pack an extra battery for longer adventures to ensure extended comfort and peace of mind. Whether skiing down slopes or enjoying a winter hike, you can rely on the jacket’s long-lasting performance.

High-Quality Construction and Versatility

Crafted from a blend of premium materials of 60% Polyester, 23% Propylene, and 17% Elastane, the Heated Core collection is built to withstand the rigors of all your adventures. Its HydroWick™ high-performance, hollow-wicking fibers wick away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable even during strenuous activities. Treated with Polygiene® Odor Control and Odor Crunch®, this vest remains fresh and odor-free wear after wear, ensuring you stay comfortable and confident throughout your adventures.

Experience Unbeatable Warmth with Heated Core

Whether braving the cold or simply seeking comfort during outdoor activities, the
Heated Core Collection is your ultimate companion. With its advanced heating system, extended battery life, and versatile design, staying warm has never been easier. Don’t let the cold weather hold you back—embrace the warmth and functionality of Heated Core!