The Science Behind Heated Core

When it comes to staying warm and comfortable during colder seasons, advancements in science and technology have revolutionized the way we approach outdoor activities. Heated Core is a remarkable example of this, incorporating cutting-edge features to provide warmth and convenience. Let's explore the science and technology behind Heated Core, including Polygiene® OdorCrunch and StayFresh, carbon fiber heating elements, and a 7.4V lithium-ion battery.

Polygiene® OdorCrunch™ and StayFresh™ Technology

Heated Core integrates Polygiene® OdorCrunch and StayFresh technologies to combat odor-causing bacteria and keep your clothing fresh. Polygiene® OdorCrunch utilizes cutting-edge silver salt technology that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, effectively eliminating unpleasant odors. The StayFresh treatment enhances the fabric's ability to resist odors, allowing you to wear the base layer multiple times without worrying about unwanted smells. These technologies not only provide convenience but also maintain hygiene during extended outdoor adventures.

Carbon Fiber Heating Elements

One of the core components of Heated Core's technology is the carbon fiber heating elements. These thin, flexible, and lightweight elements are strategically placed within the base layer to target key areas such as the chest, back, and kidneys. Carbon fiber is an excellent conductor of heat, allowing it to generate and distribute warmth effectively. It's also extremely durable, allowing it to withstand years of use during rigorous activity like hiking, hunting, or fishing. By leveraging this innovative material, Heated Core provides reliable and comfortable heating without compromising mobility or comfort.

7.4V Lithium-ion Battery

Powering the carbon fiber heating elements is a 7.4V lithium-ion battery, which offers an optimal combination of energy density, weight, and longevity. Lithium-ion batteries are renowned for their high energy storage capacity and ability to deliver consistent power output. The 7.4V battery provides sufficient power to generate and maintain warmth throughout your outdoor activities. Its compact size ensures that it doesn't weigh you down, allowing you to move freely while staying comfortably warm. It's also USB-compatible and can be used to charge cell phones or GPS devices on the go.

By harnessing the advancements in materials and battery technology, Heated Core offers an innovative solution that keeps you warm and comfortable during colder seasons. The combination of Polygiene® OdorCrunch and StayFresh technologies ensures freshness and hygiene, while carbon fiber heating elements and the 7.4V lithium-ion battery deliver reliable warmth and mobility.

Whether you're engaging in winter sports, exploring the great outdoors, or simply enjoying a chilly day, Heated Core's integration of science and technology provides a practical and efficient solution to combat the cold. So, gear up with Heated Core and embrace the benefits of modern advancements, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities without compromising comfort or warmth.